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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Big Show!!

I haven't watched any of the GOP debates. I don't plan on watching any of these debates, and neither should you. A few months ago, Donald Trump proposed hosting his own debate but that was shot down as being "ridiculous". But why? Because as long as the media controls these debates, they control the show. You see, everything you get from the mainstream media, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc., is constructed, modified and slanted to align with their agenda.

While these GOP candidates are backstage preparing to appear before the American people, they are rehearsing their answers with their handlers. They're dressed to project a certain image, their hair styled and dyed. They refresh their current stance on issues that they often change from election to election to be sure their story is straight, for the moment at least. All the while, the staff hosting the debate are busy putting the final touches on their questions, each targeted at a particular candidate. Just like in marketing, each question is designed to produce a certain answer. One by one these moderators open their venomous mouths, take aim at their prearranged target and fire off with the intent to make the candidates angry, frustrated and confused. The moderators limit candidates responses. They cut off the candidates when the candidate successfully dodges their "gotcha" question. They try and limit the audiences reactions. Later, before posting for viewing online, they edit out certain sections to show you what they want. Its just a big show. 

But lets go back to the proposed Donald Trump debate. Why would this be absurd? After all, Donald Trump is more aligned with the GOP candidates than the mainstream media hosting these debates. It was attacked for one reason. The mainstream media would lose control. Trump, no matter your opinion, is a successful businessman with more experience both foreign and domestic than our current president. I believe Trump's questions would have been designed to reveal a better understanding of a candidates position rather than trying to undermine them. Each candidate eventually declined, I believe mostly due to persuasion and fear of attack by the mainstream media. But they blew it! This was a great opportunity to let the American people decide. If I were to watch a debate, this would have been the one. Trump's goal wasn't about hurting these candidates, it was to propel and elevate one or two of them. They missed a great opportunity!  

Do yourself a favor and ignore all of these debates, the outcomes of which are meaningless. If you are still unsure about who you are voting for, you probably shouldn't vote. This is one of the most simple elections in history. You are either voting for socialism or voting against it, it doesn't matter who the GOP candidate is, even if its Ron Paul...    

P.S. Imagine George Washington as a current GOP candidate. He wouldn't have made it this far. They would have disregarded, trashed and destroyed the weird white guy with a wig and false teeth long ago. Yet we elected a president based not on experience but on his race. In a society that pretends to be color blind, we sure do place alot of emphasis on how people look and sound.

Monday, December 19, 2011

What happened to Charity?

As is the case this time of year, there is no shortage of charities upon which to donate toys. As usual, I end up dishing out what I consider to be a small portion to purchase gifts for the children who I envision as hungry, neglected and wearing threadbare clothes. But this year I am beginning to question the instinct I so easily react to each Christmas season.

As of now, which will most likely not change, I have purchased more gifts for charity than I have for my own daughter and two nephews. The reason is because we are bombarded with the so-called "need" each year. We see it on the local news, the newspapers, the people ringing the bells, even at work! We are told there is a great need this year for toys and that many kids will go without. Its always the same, more toys, more toys, we still haven't reached our goal yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for helping the "needy" and my tax statements will prove that I typically give away more money each year than our current Vice President of the United States. The real question here is; are all these people really in need?

Charity is defined as "something given to a person in need". The problem is that we have substituted the word "need" for the word "WANT". A survey of poor households and their amenities reveal that the overwhelming majority enjoy most of the comforts of the middle class and wealthy. You can check it out here, Amenities, for yourself. We have taken charities that were originally designed to help those in desperate "need" and broadened the effort to those who "want". Most of the households listed as poor are no doubt the same who receive the fruits of these toy donations each year. Yet most have and pay for things that I refuse to pay for. As a result, I end up taking the money that I saved by "sacrificing" throughout the year and end up buying toys for those who haven't been sacrificing. In a way I'm cheating my own family. In fact, we did without all year in certain areas so that when Christmas comes we can, God willing, purchase gifts for our loved ones.

So the question now becomes, are those who claim to be in "need" really needy? Have they been sacrificing all year? If Christmas presents are so important to them, they would have found areas to cut back. Again, this is directed at those whom I believe are the vast majority of people who claim to be in "need" and not to the minority who are indeed in "need"!!

I think the question can only be answered by ones pride. Pride is something that has been receding in the American culture for too long. No longer do people have shame for taking from others. Charity, along with so many other forms of handouts, has become a free game and a free ride to which more and more citizens are partaking. I can distinctly remember as a child in elementary school, my brother and I walking past the school cafeteria in the morning and more often than not, passing right by only to peer in at the other children eating. The kids, many my classmates were the same who received a different lunch card than me. While I took the money my mother and father gave me each week and purchased a lunch card good for one weeks lunches, these same kids received a different colored lunch card and it was from the teacher. Never did I see them paying for their lunch, and never did I see them with a lunch card other than the one that was good for the whole month. Breakfast cards too. This is whats wrong with handouts and the majority of charity. In an effort to make everything "fair", those in the middle are the ones who not only pay for it but ultimately go without!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The American Spirit

I have sat back and watched, over the past couple of years, assault after assault on the American way of life. We were told America would be fundamentally transformed. But no one asked, what are we transforming? What was so bad about America that needed to be transformed. The debate still brews as to whether this administration purposefully sabotaged the economy, or whether their naivety is indeed this grotesque. Through it all, the American spirit, the spirit of those who make up the backbone of this country, has withstood the attacks.

The attacks came in many forms. Some attacks targeted our values and beliefs. Others, our economic system. But the message was the same every time, America's way is wrong. When the people of Arizona decided to enforce immigration laws, they were told to cease and desist. When the American people did not want a government run health care system, we were told too bad. When we asked what was in the bill, we were told we would find out, once it passed. When average American citizens joined together to exercise their first amendment rights', known as the Tea Party, they were labeled as racists, violent, hate mongers. Programs were even created to introduce weapons near the American/Mexican border to propel an anti-gun agenda aimed at restricting or eliminating our second amendment rights because we are told gun owners are bad people. When Americans showed a concern for the massive amount of unfunded debts created by the Stimulus Plans, we were labeled as incompetent people who don't understand the bigger picture. When we expressed concern about the errors and fraud in the global warming conspiracy, we were called uninformed skeptics. When we demanded cheaper oil, they shut down domestic drilling. When we complained of high gas prices, they offered to sell us one of their new "hybrid" cars.

Time and time again, the American way is corrected, lambasted and frowned upon. Obama, to sum up his feelings toward Americans, recently remarked that Americans were lazy. But I, along with millions of other Americans, have a different view. We see proud Americans,of all races and of all ages, standing up and standing together in defiance of this administration. We reject the idea of socialism, or redistribution of wealth, or borrowing our children's futures to finance today's bureaucrats. We still believe in enforcing our emigration laws, we love our big V8 cars and trucks and we love our guns too. Sadly for Obama and his leftist allies, the attack on the American way of life has been stifled.

This Thanksgiving, I will be especially thankful for the American way of life and the unwavering American Spirit. I will recognize that the United States of America is the best county in the world, contrary to what we have been told. Not only because we are a nation blessed by God, but because our country is founded upon unbridled freedom and protection from an overreaching government. Despite the attacks, the American Spirit waves on...        

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stimulus Plan = Money Laundering

You've got to hand it to Obama and the liberals. They have pulled off a money-laundering scam worthy of an "Oceans 14"  movie title. But compared to the movies, this was pretty simple.

The first part of the scheme was to create a crisis known as Global Warming/Climate Change. Simply fund, with taxpayer money, scientists willing to perform studies and manipulate data, in exchange for more funding "payoffs", to give the impression that the oceans are rising, the earth is warming and polar bears are dying.

Next, the elite liberals formed companies that would offer alternative energy sources to combat this so called crisis. These companies were the answer to our crisis. They weren't created with the belief that they would offer a genuine alternative to fossil fuel energy sources. If it were possible to use wind and solar power to replace fossil fuels, it would have been done years ago. The bottom line is that there are no viable alternative resources to fossil fuels and nuclear power with our current technology. But remember, these "green companies" weren't setup to become successful. The purpose of these companies was to pretend they could create a renewable alternative energy source if they were given enough taxpayer money.

Up next in the plan was distributing taxpayer money disguised as Stimulus. The so called stimulus plans were supposed to spark the economy by artificially introducing money into the system. In reality, this money was a payoff and a kickback to Obama campaign donors and those liberal elitists who created this so called climate crisis. These companies were poised and ready to solve the worlds energy problems, if only given stimulus money.

All the while, working class Americans are led to believe that "help is on the way" and we are "on the road to recovery". The truth was that these green companies received millions and billions of taxpayer dollars and then conveniently dissolved afterwards. They dissolved and failed because they were a failing venture from the moment they were created. There were no market demands or private investors willing to fund these green companies. These companies weren't created to make jobs, they were created to line the pockets of these bureaucratic fat cats.

Now that its all said and done, we know that Obama delivered on his promise of "Wealth Redistribution". Only, Obama didn't take the wealth from the elite and give it to the poor and middle class. Obama took the earnings of the private sector's middle and top wage earners and distributed it to the liberal elite. While these elitists personal wealth doubled and tripled from the stimulus plans, the average American is left with a personal debt burden of nearly $50,000, mostly held by China. So remember, Obama delivered on his promise of wealth redistribution, it just wasn't in the form most voters thought it would be.

P.S. If solar and wind energy are such great alternatives to traditional power generation, why don't consumers start using it on their own homes? Let individuals choose to invest or not invest in alternative energy. Of course, if this were the case, the green energy conspiracy would go back where it belongs, to the fringes of society where traditional standards of living are frowned upon. The truth is, for alternative energy to power America, we must turn off our air conditioners and heaters, our tv's, computers and cell phones. Oh and the lights...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oklahoma Joe Smoker Pit Restoration

I finally got around to restoring my old Oklahoma Joe smoker. I left it at my rental house for the tenant to use and he decided to wheel it out from under the patio cover and leave it exposed for a season. It was pretty nasty when I eventually picked it up and had accumulated alot of rust. After a few hours of sandblasting, sanding with a Dewalt hammer drill with multiple attachments and finally using an angle grinder, I've won the battle against the rust. By far, the 4 1/2" angle grinder with a sanding wheel worked the best. Next up is welding the legs on permanent and adding some steel plate to the legs so I can attach some nice big rubber caster wheels. I plan to use a Texas A&M theme when I paint it, it was that or the Dallas Cowboys... I had to special order some high-temp maroon paint from Right now shes wearing a base coat of high-temp gray. She'll cook a mean brisket. Cant wait to fire her up again!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Herman Cain: More than just a candidate

The recent attacks of Herman Cain by the Liberal mainstream media only solidify the Conservative base for supporting him. To understand why the Left is vehemently opposed to Cain and what a Cain Presidency would do to American Politics, we have to visualize what a Herman Cain victory would look like and especially how it pertains to our current economic and political environment.

First off, lets understand what we know of Cain. He is the least political savvy candidate in the presidential race and is not considered a "politician". This resounds with the conservative right who over the past couple of years have grown weary of the bureaucracy in Washington. This trait is the exact opposite of Obama who has been pursuing public office since his first community organizer role. Cain also boasts a successful career in the private sector and he fundamentally understands the free market system and embraces Capitalism's superiority. Again, this is the polar opposite of Obama who has never worked a real job, despises Capitalism and is attempting, successfully in some areas, to instill a socialist system. Cain is a black man from the south who would credit his success to hard work, determination and God. Cain is also a Christian who was raised in the Baptist Church which preaches Salvation through Christ and to Love they neighbor. As for Obama, we know he is of mixed race, we are unsure exactly where he is from e.g. Hawaii, Seattle, Kenya, Indonesia, Chicago... We do know that he is a 20 year member of a racist church that preaches black liberation theology. We also know that he owes his success, if you can call it that, to other people.    

Now that we understand some of the differences in Cain and Obama, lets explore how a Cain victory would affect our economy. Cain, assuming he sticks to his conservative values, would repeal Osamacare. He then would reform the Tax code which would eliminate the IRS, cut taxes and allow job creators to keep more of their money. Cain would also reduce government entitlement programs and cut government spending across the board. He would end the EPA regulations that inhibit the United States from utilizing our vast network of natural resources thus driving down the cost Americans pay for energy. His belief in removing the federal governments role in public education and increasing charter schools would improve the quality of public education. In its entirety, these simple actions would stabilize our economy. Businesses would not fear their future, as they do now, and would once again be willing to take risks by creating jobs with the intent to manufacture a product or perform a service for a profit, which is deemed evil under this current administration. 

The aforementioned outlines only the economic factors of a Cain Presidency, it does not entail the political implications. The Left, at its core, believes that individuals are unable to provide and support themselves without government intervention. This belief showcases just how arrogant the Left is. The Left believes you should leave important decisions to them, since they are the educated and enlightened elite. Herman Cain epitomizes the contradiction of such a belief. Herman was able to take his talents and live out the American Dream without relying on the government. Herman would be a symbol for all young men in America, especially those who are black, that you don't have to buy into the Left's lie of oppression and inequality. For years the Left has controlled the black vote. If Cain were to win the Presidency and revive and stabilize the economy, it would deal a severe blow to the Liberal left wing agenda and their strangle hold on the black vote. It would prove that free market principals, not socialism/redistribution of wealth, will prosper a nation. It would call into question the left's true interest in the black community. All of this would cause a great stir in political ideology.                   

In all, the Left understands that Herman Cain is the exact opposite of Barack Obama. Barack is a hard-core liberal socialist who has, without a doubt, purposefully driven our country into an economic crisis. He and the Left have taken their agenda, forced it down the throat of the American people, and have thus shaped life in today's America. If Herman Cain is to be elected and is successful in turning around this sinking ship, it would prove once and for all the fallacy and errant way of the liberal socialist methodology. This is why the Left is terrified. When conservatives foresaw a successful Obama, they foresaw a failing America. When Liberals foresee a successful Cain, they foresee a successful America and the demise of their evil empire.  

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ignorance of the Peter Pan Generation "Occupy"

The Peter Pan Generation, also known as Gen Y, represents the most ignorant generation in the history of the United States. Ignorance is defined as having a lack of knowledge, education or awareness. Most, not all, have a lack of respect for previous generations and are oblivious to the sacrifices these generations have  made. They have an entitlement attitude that they deserve the American Dream simply because they exist.

The center of their ignorance is this; that the American Dream is a "right" rather than something that is earned.They also take for granted this American Dream and just assume it will be there no matter what actions or inaction they take. They have been so sheltered from the world and from history that they live in an alternative reality. In this false reality, bred by an atheist liberal education system aka public schools and higher education, the world would be a perfect place if not for war, borders, money, possessions and so-called greed. The truth is, if not for each of these things the United States would not be what it is today.

This can be witnessed by the recent Occupy Protests. Most of these protesters belong to the Peter Pan Generation and are simply living out this false reality that they've been groomed to live in. Some may argue that the burden of blame shouldn't fall on the Peter-Pan Gen. but rather on their parents who sat back and allowed their children to be raised by the public education system. Regardless of who is to blame, these Peter-Pan kids have to eventually grow up and take some responsibility. We can witness how their ideology plays out by observing their Occupy Camps.

When these punks finally work hard enough to earn something, they will have a different idea about personal wealth. The bottom line is that anytime someone, whether a government or alternative entity, forcefully takes anything away from one and gives it to another, its stealing. Its time for personal responsibility which is something that this generation is unfamiliar with. It's time for good ole-fashioned work, it'll help get these kids minds' right.