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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Big Show!!

I haven't watched any of the GOP debates. I don't plan on watching any of these debates, and neither should you. A few months ago, Donald Trump proposed hosting his own debate but that was shot down as being "ridiculous". But why? Because as long as the media controls these debates, they control the show. You see, everything you get from the mainstream media, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc., is constructed, modified and slanted to align with their agenda.

While these GOP candidates are backstage preparing to appear before the American people, they are rehearsing their answers with their handlers. They're dressed to project a certain image, their hair styled and dyed. They refresh their current stance on issues that they often change from election to election to be sure their story is straight, for the moment at least. All the while, the staff hosting the debate are busy putting the final touches on their questions, each targeted at a particular candidate. Just like in marketing, each question is designed to produce a certain answer. One by one these moderators open their venomous mouths, take aim at their prearranged target and fire off with the intent to make the candidates angry, frustrated and confused. The moderators limit candidates responses. They cut off the candidates when the candidate successfully dodges their "gotcha" question. They try and limit the audiences reactions. Later, before posting for viewing online, they edit out certain sections to show you what they want. Its just a big show. 

But lets go back to the proposed Donald Trump debate. Why would this be absurd? After all, Donald Trump is more aligned with the GOP candidates than the mainstream media hosting these debates. It was attacked for one reason. The mainstream media would lose control. Trump, no matter your opinion, is a successful businessman with more experience both foreign and domestic than our current president. I believe Trump's questions would have been designed to reveal a better understanding of a candidates position rather than trying to undermine them. Each candidate eventually declined, I believe mostly due to persuasion and fear of attack by the mainstream media. But they blew it! This was a great opportunity to let the American people decide. If I were to watch a debate, this would have been the one. Trump's goal wasn't about hurting these candidates, it was to propel and elevate one or two of them. They missed a great opportunity!  

Do yourself a favor and ignore all of these debates, the outcomes of which are meaningless. If you are still unsure about who you are voting for, you probably shouldn't vote. This is one of the most simple elections in history. You are either voting for socialism or voting against it, it doesn't matter who the GOP candidate is, even if its Ron Paul...    

P.S. Imagine George Washington as a current GOP candidate. He wouldn't have made it this far. They would have disregarded, trashed and destroyed the weird white guy with a wig and false teeth long ago. Yet we elected a president based not on experience but on his race. In a society that pretends to be color blind, we sure do place alot of emphasis on how people look and sound.

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  1. This is gonna be an interesting show!, Hope they might find it successful.